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Coaching for Young Adults

"Parents are not for leaning, they are to make leaning unnecessary." - Wayne Dyer

I love working with children and young adults because they will create our future

and they inspire me to participate in that daunting process. Working with parents is
equally important because many do not understand that their children are not simply
extensions of what they want them to become. Perhaps the most difficult part of
parenting is learning how to guide children while allowing them to develop, grow,
flower, and become the unstoppable creators of their own reality.


Coaching Sessions
Each session begins with your describing what you would like to work on and talk about,
and each session ranges from twenty-five to fifty-five minutes.

During the session, the coach asks exploratory and challenging questions to help you
focus on the way you think and to show you different perspectives.

A session ends with an assignment plan for you to work on for the rest of the week.

Three to six months of coaching sessions are recommended for effective and lasting
change. However, the outcome really depends on the level of your resistance and
your willingness to work on yourself and to change.

Weekly sessions are recommended to establish focus, build momentum, and lead to

Depending on your preference, your session can be in person, on the phone or via


Why Seek Coaching?

Perhaps you feel that:

• something seems to be missing in your life.

• you are stuck in different areas of your life.

• you want to change, but you don’t know how or where to begin.

• you want to live a more meaningful life.

• you want more financial success.

• you want unconditional love.

• you want to live in peace and harmony with hourself and those around you.

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